Popcorn Review

Popcorn Review

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_ Popcorn Review

Popcorn Review is a simple, intuitive and comprehensive movie guide that allows you to organize and review your favorite films. You can share your views and personal watch-lists on social media.


_ Project requirements

1. Branding & Identity design

2. Launch & Marketing collaterals

3. App UI/UX

4. Website


01. Branding

The branding project was done at Lucid Design India. It spanned over 4 weeks and 5 design rounds. The brief was simple - the identity should be fresh and evoke a feeling of good films and excitement should. It should be scalable across platforms and have an international appeal.


_ Brand drivers

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_ Initial explorations

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_ Type and icon adjustments

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_ Final logo

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_ Pre launch graphic

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02. App design

One of the key aspects of the brief was to have a scalable design language that could be easily translated into other platforms.


_ App architecture

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_ Wireframes

The user flows had to be as short as possible. The idea was to help users effectively interact with the content and have them efficiently manage it.

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_ Final iOS interface

Reached at after 4 weeks of re-iterations. The design is meant to put more focus on the content and have clear calls to actions.


Splash screen






Film’s details


Watchlist & Leaderboard


Review and profile screens


Android, Apple TV and Watch app coming soon!

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