Wicked Mondays

Wicked Mondays

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Wicked Mondays is a business oriented social networking service aimed at a younger crowd.

The functionality of the app allows users (employees and employers) to create profiles and make the interaction simple and as focused as possible. The network establishes a very straight forward approach where the users can simply send messages to introduce themselves and start the connection.

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Logo Construction

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San Francisco

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App interface


1. Registration — simple and focused flow that saves times by having the least possible steps

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2. Built in chat functionality

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3. Profile setup interface

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4. Profile discovery experience

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The results on the home feed have sliders based on the form colors. For instance, the job requirement form is coded orange. This allows users to segregate information faster than having to read the fine text. Conversations and profiles can be favorited for future references


5. More screens…

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